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In The Margins

Jan 21, 2021

The challenge of recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty and staff is an ongoing one, and has definitely been made even more challenging given the pandemic. With uncertainty still looming in the future, how can you ensure that your time, resources, and efforts are not wasted when conducting your recruitment processes? &nbsp Join this webinar for COVID-19 specific guidelines and strategies that are geared directly to ensuring continued improvement on diversity recruitment efforts for faculty and staff. Learn how to maintain your retention strategies that support not only your diverse faculty and staff, but also support the mission and values of your institution. 


Mr. Andy Brantley, President and CEO, College and University Professional Association for Human Resources

Dr. Menah Pratt-Clarke, Vice President of Strategic Affairs, Virginia Tech

Dr. Zulema Valdez, Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty, University of California, Merced


  • Keeping senior leadership involved
  • Use of new technologies for recruitment
  • Impact on HR from COVID-19
  • Being ADA and the Rehabilitation Act Compliant
  • Maintaining the existing cultural diversity efforts


 “The thing that I found after many years in higher education is that we are part of an incredible community that does want to connect and share.”

“It's so critically important for us to also focus on the heroic work of our frontline staff, many of whom have been required to come to campus and are often the overlooked part of our population. So as we're talking about retention, we're also talking about building community. And that heroic work happening right now should be front and center for all of us as part of our call to action.” 


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