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In The Margins

Dec 31, 2020

In this episode, David wraps up the year and brings the latest ideas, coverage, and hot topics straight from the Diverse newsroom to you. With higher education impacted by not one but two pandemics - COVID and Racism, it is needless to say that 2020 has been a turbulent and challenging year for students and the rest of us all. Tune in to the final episode of 2020 as we also touch on COVID’s impact on community colleges and the Top 100 Associate Degree Producers of 2020. 



  • The December 10 Edition (links to articles/resources below).
  • How the resegregation of higher education leads to resegregation in the workforce. 
  • Why we have major imbalances in the workforce and how to level the playing field. 



“If our minority students are no longer seeing higher education as a viable pathway to a job, especially when there's a pandemic that makes life difficult in terms of paying the bills, we are not going to see minority workers making it in some of these high wage fields.”



View the “Top 100 Producers of Associate Degrees, 2020” chart here

What a Biden Administration Could Mean for Community Colleges article by Sarah Weissman - read it here.

How Two-Year Colleges Can Mitigate Student Enrollment Declines article by Sarah Wood - read it here

Year in Review: 2020 Brought ‘Precedent-Setting’ Changes to Higher Ed article by Lois Elfman - read it here.

In Memoriam: Remembering Those We Lost in 2020 article by Denis Hopkins - read it here

Report: Universities With More Racial Segregation by Major Graduate Fewer Black Students Into High-Paying Fields by Sarah Weissman & Tomás Monarrez - read it here

The Roadmap for Racial Equity: An imperative for workforce development advocates by Melissa Johnson - read it here.


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