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In The Margins

Sep 23, 2021

In this episode, your host Dr. Jamal Watson sits down with Dr. Michael H. Gavin, newly appointed president of Delta College, to discuss his new book The New White Nationalism in Politics and Higher Education


Tune in as Dr. Gavin reveals the influence of white nationalism not only in politics, but in higher education, and the need to challenge policies rooted in the comfort of past identities. He shares his ideas on educational access and how to turn institutions inside out from where they started, along with the impact COVID-19 has had on his new role at Delta College. 


Don’t miss this riveting discussion on new white nationalism and its role in our world. As Dr. Michael H. Gavin puts it, if you’re not actively working against a system that oppresses, then you’re part of it. 



  • The inspiration behind Dr. Gavin’s new book and the critical timing of its publication
  • Understanding the relationship between white nationalism and higher education  
  • Rising activism and consciousness about the issues across college campuses
  • How politics dictate funding for higher education institutions 
  • The danger of white complacency 
  • Dr. Mike Gavin’s work as the new president of Delta College


“There is a real strategic approach of very conservative ideals, where there are tacit but very violent policies and systems that are worked on through coded languages, such as family values.”  

“Part of the discomfort of the book is that it makes the case that by being complacent, you're actually buying into these notions of what I call white nationalism.” 



Dr. Michael H. Gavin

The New White Nationalism in Politics and Higher Education: The Nostalgia Spectrum­e-New-White-Nationalism-in-Politics-and-­Higher-Education-The-Nostalgia-Spectrum 

Delta College appoints fifth president 

Delta College president, 2021 – present 

COVID and George Floyd: The CDC and Colleges Must See Institutional Racism as National Disease­/article/15107119/covid-and-george-floyd­-the-cdc-and-colleges-must-see-instituti­onal-racism-as-national-disease 



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