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In The Margins

Sep 30, 2021

Your host, David Pluviose, catches up with longtime colleague Dr. Katrice Albert as she embarks on a new role as the Vice President for Institutional Diversity at the University of Kentucky (UK).


In this episode, David and Dr. Albert discuss access and opportunity in higher education, from student attraction to faculty recruitment and even alignment with the local community. With decades of experience and a longstanding reputation as a national leader in efforts around diversity, she aims to create a culture at UK where everyone feels that they belong and where every person in the state can have educational attainment.


Tune in as Dr. Albert shares her passion and insights on how to set an equity agenda on campus and make inclusive excellence a competitive advantage. 



  • Who is Dr. Katrice Albert?
  • Diversity challenges faced by higher education institutions 
  • A university’s responsibility to its local community 
  • Recruitment and retention of diverse faculty 
  • Connecting intercollegiate athletics with access to higher education 



“I think that higher education should be the American covenant to every citizen.”



National Leader Named UK Vice President for Institutional Diversity |

Campus Message from President About New Vice President for Institutional Diversity |­-message-president-about-new-vice-presid­ent-institutional-diversity



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