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In The Margins

Nov 18, 2021

In this episode of In The Margins, host Ralph Newell welcomes American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Executive Director Chris Moody. Tune in as they discuss the origin of the ACPA and its ever-evolving work in diversity and inclusion, highlighting ACPA’s partnership with Diverse in identifying The Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs annually.


Join the conversation and learn more about Chris Moody and ACPA’s transformative diversity work.



  • Who is the ACPA?
  • Focusing on the staff experience within a university setting 
  • The strategic imperative for racial justice and decolonization
  • Providing members safe spaces to heal and come together, both virtually and physically 
  • Intent does not equal impact - awareness and accountability 
  • Does systemic oppression still exist in higher education? 



“In the work of higher education, we're supporting student success. You don't talk about supporting staff success a lot. And I think between students and faculty and staff, administrators and professionals sort of get left behind in the conversation.” 

“The world doesn't need white saviors. Right? Higher Education does not need white people to save the work. What needs to happen, in my opinion, is amplifying the hard work and the labor that's already happened, that's been happening within professionals and communities of color.” 



Racial and Social Justice Is the Work of College Student Educators­s/article/15107744/racial-and-social-jus­tice-is-the-work-of-college-student-educ­ators

Most Promising Places to Work: Student Affairs



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