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In The Margins

Dec 9, 2021

In this episode, your host David Pluviose goes one-on-one with Dean Clarence Lang of Penn State University. Drawing on Dean Lang's decades of experience, they discuss several issues related to the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty. From creating structures of accountability to why a more representative leadership is essential to higher education, listen in as Dean Lang shares his mission, program development, and advice for all institutions looking for sustained progress. 



- Dr. Clarence Lang’s journey to Penn State

- How do we sustain the kinds of changes that need to occur?

-  Will a diverse administration translate into universities functioning differently?

- The challenge of diverse faculty retention

- Mentorship standardization and uniformity 

- Helping students navigate the current climate of diversity and COVID-19



“A more representative leadership is essential to higher education functioning differently, but by itself, is not sufficient.”

“These issues that we're dealing with, there are no quick solutions. There's no switch that you can flip. This is about planting seeds, building for the longer term. And that really is about constructing pipelines of success from students through faculty.”



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