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In The Margins

Dec 16, 2021

In this episode we replay the December 7th Diverse Talk Live! webcast, "Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Minority College Students." In case you missed it, listen in as a panel of experts evaluate and advise on how higher ed institutions can best address the mental health needs of minority students — particularly as they grapple with a myriad of challenges including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a nationwide flashpoint on systemic racism, punctuated by the recent guilty verdicts of the individuals charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.


Panelists include:

Nahed Barakat, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Interim Training Director/Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives, University of Denver, Health & Counseling Center

Nathaan Demers, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, VP of Clinical Programs & Strategic Partnerships

Amy Gatto, Senior Manager of Higher Ed & Evaluation, Active Minds



- Where does the responsibility start and end for higher ed institutions when it comes to the mental health needs of students?

- How investing in student mental health increases retention and persistence

- What range of support should institutions aim to provide?

- The unique challenges facing students today

- How is mental illness manifested differently in minority students?

- Ensuring appropriate responses to mental health crises

- How to overcome cultural stigmas and barriers around mental health care



“We're talking and teaching people how to think, how to interact, how to support others, how to be global citizens, and maintaining mental health and well-being is essential in that mission."

“We need to elevate well-being and mental health to being a topic that's just as important as your grades and getting a diploma.”



Watch this as a webcast at:­s/webinar/15282037/meeting-the-mental-he­alth-needs-of-minority-college-students?utm_campaign=&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua

Panel Proposes Ways to Meet the Mental Health Needs of Minority Students:­s/article/15286117/panel-proposes-ways-t­o-meet-the-mental-health-needs-of-minori­ty-students?utm_campaign=&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua



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