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In The Margins

Jun 23, 2022

Today’s episode is brought to you by CCCSE. For 20 years, CCCSE has delivered “aha” moments about the community college student experience based on insights that matter. As part of our CCCSE series on community college leadership, your host Ralph Newell sits down for a one-on-one with the president of Bunker Hill Community College, Dr. Pam Eddinger.


Tune in as Dr. Pam Eddinger shares what she learned growing up as a Chinese American woman and immigrant, and what it means in terms of the idea of student success and equity today. Delving into a number of topics, don’t miss this passionate conversation on why student success is not just about what you learn in the classroom and Dr. Pam Eddinger’s initiatives to not only be a “woke” campus but one that knows ALL its students.



- How Dr. Pam Eddinger’s diverse background helps inspire her students

- Why student success is not just about what you learn in the classroom

- The “unicorn” — Is there just one definition of student success?

- “You cannot dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools.”

- Desegregating the “Earn and Learn” program

- How and why student services matter, including affinity groups

- Mental health support and strategies at Bunker Hill Community College



“We have done so much to build a school-to-prison pipeline. We have not done enough to build a school-to-college pipeline for our black and brown populations.”

“What else do we have to do for student engagement in order to level the playing field, to restore the privilege of our students of color, of our immigrant students, of the students outside the system in order to pull them into the system and give them what they need to succeed in the world.”



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