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In The Margins

Jul 21, 2022

Today’s episode is brought to you by Tableau, an industry leader committed to enabling 10 million people with data skills over the next five years.


As part of our Tableau series on the importance of data skills in education, and more specifically for BIPOC students, your host Ralph Newell sits down with Vanessa G. Leon from the University of Texas El Paso’s College of Business Administration and Allen Hillery, vice president of communities and impact at Data Stories.


Hear from Leon, who is responsible for overseeing the partnerships and programming for three of the college’s corporate academies and is kicking off their data skills journey. Hillery empowers people and communities around the world to eliminate misinformation and create positive change using words, data, and visualizations.


Don't miss this informative discussion on the necessity of data literacy, why students of color got left behind in data science, and the immediate need to bring data skills into education.



- What is data and how is it used by companies and organizations?

- Why is data science so important for BIPOC students?

- How to bring data literacy into K-12 education and communities

- Supporting BIPOC students in fields where there is little to no representation 

- The importance of business intelligence and communication skills

- Tableau’s initiatives to help their students “catch up” in data science 



“It's also educating the students because half of the challenge is seeing yourself. A lot of times you don't see yourself, so you don't understand what you could be there.”

“What's been opening doors for us in a lot of fields are alumni. There's always that one student that did not think that they could get a job at Microsoft, right, but they land that job. And now they become an advocate.”



Tableau: Business Intelligence and Analytics Software

Data Stories: Home | DataStories a Partners in Performance Company



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