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In The Margins

Aug 25, 2022

While much has been said about the need and desire to diversify STEM fields and attract more minorities to faculty positions in higher education, there is little discussion on the financial journey to academia and the debt it often incurs.


In this episode, David Pluviose welcomes Dr. Erika Moore, assistant professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering at the University of Florida. Moore is also founder of Moore Wealth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowerment through financial literacy.


Tune in as Moore shares her journey to the academy as an underrepresented minority and what needs to be done at the institutional and federal levels to tackle the mountain of student debt awaiting many graduates.



- Erika Moore’s journey to STEM and the academy

- Why is there a shortage of diverse faculty in higher education?

- Recruitment and retention - Erika’s experience as a new professor 

- How cultivating a sense of community is key for faculty success 

- “Money speaks louder than words”

- What is Moore Wealth, and why was it created?



“We want diverse faculty. But there are these major financial barriers that limit the majority of people from underrepresented or historically excluded backgrounds from pursuing these jobs. Because who can take 10 years making far below what they could earn with their degree, to pursue this higher goal of becoming a professor?”

“If you want to support changing the culture and climate of your university, you need to put your money where your mouth is.”



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Moore Wealth:                                                                                                  



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