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In The Margins

Sep 29, 2022

Dr. Peniel E. Joseph is one of the nation’s most prominent historians of race and democracy. In this episode, Joseph joins Dr. Jamal Watson to discuss the continuing battle between the supporters of multiracial democracy and the advocates of white supremacy and Black dehumanization.


Employing the power of storytelling and activism, don’t miss this conversation on why the civil rights movement is incomplete and understanding how critical the Black community has been to democratic renewal and transformation in the United States.



- What defines the Third Reconstruction?

- The juxtaposition of progress and backlash

- Reconstructionist versus redemption narratives

- How Black women are at the helm of reimagining democracy

- Why Dr. Joseph included his own journey in his historical narrative

- “Our stories matter.”



“What I want to share with people, including young people, is just the fact that the narratives that we've been taught about American history leave so much out.”

“If Black people succeed, everyone will succeed. We're not interested in leaving people behind and marginalizing people.”

“Our stories matter. And I think telling the unfiltered hard history of the United States actually makes us all stronger and not weaker. And it is the patriotic thing to do.”



About Dr. Peniel E. Joseph:

Barbara Jordan Chair in Ethics and Political Values

Founding Director, Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

Professor of History, College of Liberal Arts

University of Texas at Austin

LBJ School of Public Affairs



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