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In The Margins

Oct 27, 2022

Created in 2005 by Excelencia in Education, Examples of Excelencia is a national initiative that recognizes institutions and nonprofit organizations that identify, aggregate, and promote evidence-based practices that improve Latinx student success in higher education.


This year’s Example of Excelencia, at the associate level, is Farleigh-Dickinson University (FDU). In this episode, we talk with Dr. Irene Oujo about her role at the university, the importance of making students feel welcome and connected on campus, and the success of FDU’s Latino Promise and Hispanics Achieving College Education Recognition (HACER) programs providing mentorship, leadership training, and non-academic cultural experiences.



- Tapping into Latinx perspectives through digital storytelling

- Why is digital storytelling so important?

- Who is Dr. Irene Oujo? And her journey to education?

- The mission of FDU’s Latino Promise and HACER program

- Latino Promise success stories

-  Dr. Irene Oujo’s advice for institutions looking to build similar programs



“Latino students bring with them into our classrooms this unique and diverse perspective and experience that they and their families have had. And we don't get to hear about them often enough.”

“It's not just about ‘get your degree and go,’ but it's about getting your degree and ‘how can you give back’ to my community. And that's something that especially for Latino Promise and our programs, is the mission.”



FDU Programs Build Relationships to Positively Impact Hispanic Communities | Diverse: Issues In Higher Education (

FDU Appoints Inaugural Executive Director for the Hispanic Center



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