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In The Margins

Feb 9, 2023

In this episode, Diverse host David Pluviose sits down with Dr. Larry D. Johnson Jr. as he completes his first year as president of Guttman Community College, which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary.


Tune in as Johnson speaks about reimagining what community college could be and his vision for continuing a research-based, innovative model focused on moving students efficiently toward graduation and supporting diverse students in a truly equitable way.


Don’t miss this conversation on the City University of New York's first new community college in more than 40 years and Johnson’s seat at the table as the voice for the voiceless. It is a true lesson in “flying the plane while building it.”



- Dr. Larry D. Johnson Jr.’s journey to higher education

- Leading Guttman through the pandemic

- The unique challenges serving students in New York City

- How to promote the value proposition of a community college

- High-impact practices and future initiatives at Guttman Community College



“We needed people at the table who would advocate for what I oftentimes will say ‘the least of these.’"

“I believe that community colleges are a place where we can certainly meet the moment and be able to show that we are viable and we are producing graduates that will really make a contribution and an economic impact in our communities.”



Dr. Larry D. Johnson Jr., Guttman Community College president:



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