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In The Margins

Feb 10, 2022

Your host, Dr. Jamal Watson, sits down with the former U.S. Secretary of Education and president of the non-profit Education Trust, Dr. John B. King Jr. Widely commended for his lifelong dedication to education, Dr. King now wants to bring his fresh perspective as an educator to the governor’s seat of Maryland. Believing that education and public institutions truly can save lives, he shares his blueprint for closing the opportunity and achievement gaps from preschool through college.



- What drove Dr. John B. King Jr. to education and now running for governor?

- Plans for tackling the challenges and inequities facing Maryland right now

- Education reforms made while in office under the Obama administration 

- Assessing education and mental health needs during the pandemic

- Why Dr. John B. King Jr. plans to prioritize investment in HBCUs

- How to ensure every person and student has access to the ballot box



“Whether it's K-12 educators or higher-ed faculty and staff, you see how all the other systems impact students and their families. Whether or not they have safe and affordable housing, whether or not they are food insecure, whether or not they have health care — all of those issues you end up interacting with as an educator.”

“That's one of the frustrations of this moment in our politics. We have the resources. The question is: Do we have the political will?”



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