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In The Margins

Mar 24, 2022

In this episode, we replay the March 15th Diverse Talk Live! webcast, "Survival Strategies for BIPOC Higher Ed Administrators." While a considerable amount of attention has been focused on survival strategies for BIPOC students and faculty, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the challenges higher education administrators face and how we can make a change in a space where people of color may not feel traditionally welcome. So in case you missed it, listen in as a panel of experts share their experiences managing racial trauma in higher education and what can be done to reinvest in how we build back our relationships with one another as many institutions return to campus.


Panelists include:

Dr. Renée White, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at The New School

Dr. Khalilah L. Brown-Dean, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Professor of Political Science at Quinnipiac University

Dr. Jessica L. Lavariega Montforti, Vice Provost and Accreditation Liaison Officer at California State University, Channel Islands



- Challenges facing faculty of color in higher education 

- Navigating the ranks of faculty to administrator as a woman of color

- “Why am I here. And who am I here for?”

- The exodus of faculty and administrators of color from higher education

- Reframing the role of educators as essential workers 

- Why higher education is at a time of reckoning right now

- Managing individual racial trauma while helping colleagues and students 



“Often within our institutions, really being expected to do a certain kind of care work with our students. This sort of default assumption that faculty of color are responsible for addressing anything related to our identities, in terms of structural change, policy, implementation, or any other kinds of intervention.”

“As I moved toward that, I asked myself, what do I want this next stage of my career to be? I could sit back and complain about the things that I saw, or I could jump into it and try to make a change.”



Watch this webcast at: Survival Strategies for BIPOC Higher Ed Administrators - YouTube

Panel Explores Survival Strategies for Administrators of Color:­-staff-issues/article/15289745/survival-­strategies-for-administrators-of-color



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