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In The Margins

Oct 13, 2022

In this episode, host Ralph Newell welcomes the new chancellor of the South Orange County Community College District, Dr. Julianna Barnes.


Do not miss the discussion on some of the most pressing issues and legislative trends impacting community college education in California today with Barnes, the “student’s president.” With over 30 years of higher ed experience and a unique perspective as a bi-racial first-generation graduate, she shares how her journey helped shape the leader she is and her vision for the future of community colleges.



- Dr. Barnes's journey as a first-generation “Mexi-Pino”

- The importance of seeing yourself reflected in higher education

- How Dr. Barnes accidentally came to education

- Being mindful of the experiences of first-generation and diverse students

- System policy changes — challenges and pleasant surprises

- Closing equity gaps and combating declining enrollment



“It was the best of both worlds growing up, but it also really has defined me as a leader and instilled in me some of my values as an administrative leader in the community colleges.”

“I do believe that the diverse students that we serve in higher education, and in my case in the community colleges, need and deserve to have themselves reflected in their higher education spaces.”



Dr. Julianna M. Asperin Barnes Chancellor’s Office - South Orange County Community College District (



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