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In The Margins

May 6, 2021

Join this Q&A session with Felicia Martin, vice president of the Eligibility Center, NCAA, and featured speaker for the 2020 Virtual Arthur Ashe, Jr. Sports Scholars award ceremony. Get to know Felicia Martin as you learn about her work at the NCAA Eligibility Center as well as the center's most recent pivots to adapt to the effects of COVID-19. Find out what changes the center has made to achieve diversity and equity for student-athletes and its current efforts to reach more underrepresented students. Felicia also shares her thoughts on recent criticisms of the NCAA as well as her future hopes and plans for the center.



  • Challenges and changes made in the Eligibility Center in light of COVID.
  • Efforts to tackle mental health issues for student-athletes.
  • How is the NCAA reaching out to more underrepresented student-athletes?
  • Future plans for the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Updates on eligibility for high school students.
  • Thoughts on critics of the NCAA Eligibility Center.



“I think the more important thing is making sure that mental health is looked at and treated just like a sports injury so that students aren't thinking that to admit that I've got some anxiety or depression is a weakness. That's not a weakness. And what we're trying to drive home is that's actually an area of strength, when you're able to admit, 'Hey, I need some help in this area.'”



April 29th, 2021, Arthur Ashe, Jr. Sports Scholars edition, view here:

A Q&A with the NCAA’s Felicia Martin, VP of the Eligibility Center:

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