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In The Margins

Feb 3, 2022

Director of the Office for Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) at the University of Illinois, Eboni Zamani-Gallaher joins your host Ralph Newell for a discussion exploring how higher education can foster equitable experiences and outcomes for students coming from marginalized communities. Tune in as Eboni speaks to the necessity of race-centered equity initiatives that ask how we can advance, situate, and center race consciousness to enhance results for diverse youth and adults who want to go to, through, and out of post-secondary education.



- Eboni Zamani Gallaher’s journey to equity work

- What is the mission of the OOCRL?

- Focusing on race conscious rather than race avoidant solutions  

- Understanding the intersectionality of race, equity, and diversity issues 

- White fragility and critical race theory

- What does it look like in action to be equity-minded?



“Community colleges have long been at the margins of the larger discourse, seeking to do the most with the least for those in society that are often most marginalized.”

“Equity in many regards as a term has mirrored diversity to me in many ways. I feel as if both have commonly been whittled down to nothingness in some regard, where it's about everything and all things.”

“You don't remedy racial inequities with raceless solutions.”



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