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In The Margins

Feb 24, 2022

In this episode of In The Margins, the new president of Alabama A&M University, Dr. Daniel Wims, sits down with your host David Pluviose to discuss what drives his approach to higher education as well as his model for the future of Alabama A&M. Tune in as he shares his vision to enhance STEM programs and provide students a first-class experience while building a faculty committed to the cause, mission, and historical trajectory of the institution. Providing the sustainable leadership necessary to all HBCUs, listen in as Dr. Daniel Wims invests in making Alabama A&M a global brand. 



- Dr. Daniel Wims journey to higher education 

-  The mentorship that paved the way for Dr. Daniel Wims strategic master plan 

- How diversity drives the vision for Alabama A&M University 

- Why stable leadership is essential to HBCUs

- Bringing stakeholders together behind the institution’s mission  

- COVID-19s impact on Alabama A&M  

- Dr. Daniel Wims message to prospective students and their parents



“What I've done is to give students not aspirational talk but guarantees. This is your pathway. Follow this path. Guaranteed outcomes.”

“It's our job to help produce and provide minority credential. Graduates that can fill those roles and support the growth and opportunities of the city.”



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