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In The Margins

Apr 14, 2022

In this episode, your host David Pluviose sits down with Nolvia Delgado. Fourteen years after being accepted into the Kaplan Education Foundation's highly selective Kaplan Leadership Program, first-generation college student Nolvia Delgado will take the helm of the Foundation as its next executive director. 


Tune in as Nolvia shares the Foundation’s mission of supporting often overlooked, high-achieving community college students who want to be leaders in their communities and professions to achieve those goals. A testament to the KLP Scholar experience, listen in as Nolvia Delgado discusses the success, potential, and future of the Foundation as she returns home to lead the next generation of Kaplan scholars strive to achieve their big dreams.



- Nolvia Delgado’s journey in education and as a Kaplan scholar 

- What is the Kaplan Leadership Program’s origin and mission?

- Disseminating information and making opportunities available 

- How Kaplan partnerships support the work and challenges community colleges face

- The advantages and disadvantages of a transfer student

- Navigating higher education as a first-generation student 



“With the Kaplan leadership program, it's not just about transferring to selective institutions. It's also making sure that Kaplan scholars are prepared and giving them the tools that they need to live their big dream and impact entire communities.”

 “It's definitely an asset for four-year institutions to have students in the classroom who have different lived experiences, different educational experiences because it just enriches the conversations and also what they're contributing to the campus as well.”



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