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In The Margins

Apr 21, 2022

In this episode, we discuss the Higher Education Leadership Foundation (H.E.L.F.) Summit, an out-of-the-box gathering on HBCU sustainability in the current social context, in which Diverse is serving as a media sponsor. Tune in as founder Dr. Herman Felton and Dr. Elfred Pinkard discuss the importance of having a convening “for us, by us” to discuss the challenges currently facing HBCUs and their next chapter. Learn more about this HBCU-centric summit and the people supporting the talent and ability to ideate, innovate, and collaborate about their futures, assuring that the tomorrows of HBCUs are bright, vital, and sustainable.



- The vision and purpose behind the H.E.L.F. summit

- What are the five major tracks that will be examined?

- Why a follow-up is necessary - what’s next after the convening?

- Who is the audience H.E.L.F. hopes to attract?

- The potential if HBCUs harness all of their power together



“This is about information sharing. How do we get folks who are doing amazing work at a small private institution to come into a circle of safety and have conversations with their peers who may be at a larger institution, who may be able to glean from one another and take that information back?”



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