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In The Margins

Sep 15, 2022

In this episode, host David Pluviose sits down with Gloria Blackwell, CEO of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), a nonprofit advancing gender equity through advocacy, education, and research.


As only the second Black woman in 140 years to lead AAUW, Gloria discusses the importance of representation in STEM and higher ed leadership as well as living the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion within her own organization.



- Gloria Blackwell’s path to leadership in the AAUW

- The unique vantage point Gloria provides as an African American woman

- AAUW’s strategies, initiatives, and vision to achieve “equity for all” 

- The student loan debt crisis, specific to Black women

- How to increase opportunities for women in STEM fields

- An institution’s responsibility to commit to equity in higher education



“Representation is so important for young women, girls, and boys - to see that African American women can step up as leaders and that our perspectives are incredibly valued.” 

“We are doing research around so many of the topics we have been working on for decades that we thought by now would have reached a solution, that would have provided a greater sense of equity for women. And it just hasn't come true.”

“The promise of economic security, the promise that if you get a higher education degree and what that will mean, it's certainly not come to fruition. A black woman with a bachelor's degree on average earns less than a white man with a high school education.”



About Gloria Blackwell -

AAUW's CEO Gloria Blackwell: "There Needs to Be a Reckoning." -                                                                                        



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