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In The Margins

Nov 3, 2022

In this episode, host David Pluviose sits down with Dr. Perry T. LaRoque, founder and president of Mansfield Hall, a residential college support program for diverse learners. LaRoque, also known as Dr. Perry, specializes in disability education and is the author of “Taking Flight,” a guide to the unspoken rules of college geared toward non-traditional students.


Tune in as Dr. Perry shares his frustration with the education system as it relates to diverse learners, how higher ed institutions can set up students with disabilities for success, and why the future of disability education programs is all in the funding and legislation.



- Dr. Perry’s journey to disability education

- How can colleges accommodate students with disabilities?

- “Taking Flight” - demystifying the hidden rules of college

- Best practices in higher education to serve diverse learners

- Is special education a social justice issue?



“All kids are capable of learning. The things that are surrounding them and supporting them or not supporting them, are what really impacts their ability to learn.”

“I think that if someone has the desire to learn, they should have the ability to learn. And I think that we, as a society, need to embrace disability as diversity and start to think about ways that we can support our students to live meaningful lives.”



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