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In The Margins

Jul 22, 2021

Once a first-generation college student herself, Dr. Linda García is now the executive director for the Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE). In this audio interview hosted by Ralph Newell, Dr. García talks about CCCSE’s milestone 20-year anniversary and her laser-focused mission to help students navigate and succeed in higher education.  

Tune in as she shares who the most influential people in her life are, the pivots made to tackle equity issues in the years to come, and most importantly, how CCCSE plans to continue supporting its students through love and community. 



  • Challenges emerged or amplified from the pandemic.  
  • Lessons learned and pivots made moving forward. 
  • Commemorating CCSE’s 20-year anniversary. 
  • Strategies implemented to tackle equity issues. 
  • The impacts and feedback from student surveys.
  • Looking into the next 20 years for CCSE. 
  • Thoughts on dual enrollment for students. 



“If you put relationships in everything that is done at the community college, that will be the most impactful thing for student success.”



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