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In The Margins

Sep 9, 2021

Meet Dr. Jessica Williams, the director of Every Learner Everywhere, a network that helps institutions of higher education implement innovative teaching and learning practices with a focus on increasing the success of underserved students. 

Tune in as we take a deep dive into her organization’s emphasis on digital courseware, their latest guide, as well as her personal commitment to increasing access and equity for all students. You will also get to know Dr. Williams a little more as she reveals the personal forces driving her work in DEI. 



  • About Every Learner Everywhere 
  • Necessary interventions for faculty diversity 
  • Impacts of the pandemic on institutional progress
  • Impacts of shifting higher education to remote learning 
  • Dr. Jessica Rowland Williams’ DEI journey



“One important shift that we're seeing in the field and I think that our network is really hoping to help champion is a focus on the system as the problem and not the student.”



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