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In The Margins

Jun 30, 2022

As this year’s Pride Month draws to a close, we sit down to talk with Nathan Nguyen, director of LGBT Student Services at Western Michigan University.


Tune in as host Ralph Newell and Nguyen discuss his journey from an undergraduate who would “not be caught dead in an LGBT office” to running one.


Nguyen also discusses his initiatives for promoting inclusion, raising awareness on campus, and advancing understanding that to be LGBTQ-inclusive is also about saving lives.



- The mission and challenges facing LGBT Student Services 

- How to support LGBTQ students who are also in other marginalized groups

- Student outreach and providing LGBTQ-friendly resources

- Why LGBTQ inclusivity is also about saving lives

- LGBTQ education in K-12, the workplace, and community 



“Folks will say, I’m an ally. And I just kind of give them this little look of like, well, what are you doing? What are you actively doing to help the community?”

“Whenever these institutions are saying, we don't condone LGBTQ identities, or don't accept LGBTQ identities, they're basically saying that this is not a safe environment or a welcoming environment for someone who may be exploring their identity.”



Nathan Nguyễn, M. Ed.

Director, LBGT Student Services




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