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In The Margins

Apr 7, 2022

In this episode, we discuss the University of Phoenix’s diversity and inclusion summit entitled: Creating the Intentional Leader of Today, Tomorrow and Beyond, co-sponsored by Diverse.


Join Saray Lopez, Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion, along with host Dr. Jamal Watson, as they speak to the importance of establishing a learning community devoted to racial justice, equity, and supporting the environments where students and alumni live. Taking place virtually from April 12-15, tune in for the story behind this inaugural free summit and all the information you need on how to attend.


- The origin of the University of Phoenix’s Inclusive Leadership Summit

- What is the vision of the summit, and why now?

- Keynote speakers and what to expect 

- How to register for this FREE summit

- Creating social capital through the summit’s career fair and expo 

- The role of the Office of Educational Equity at the University of Phoenix



“Diversity is in the DNA of our institution, hence, the even more responsibility that we do have to create the spaces and create opportunities to have the conversations that are necessary in order to create change and foster inclusive environments.”

“What we do is try to create and foster a student experience of belonging as well as providing opportunities to expand the career and quality of life of our students as well as alumni.”



UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT - Creating the Intentional Leader of Today, Tomorrow and Beyond:



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